21 Tatva Fortifying Hair Fall Control Oil 500 ml (Pack of 2)

2 X 500 ml

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The 21 Tatva fortifying hair oil suits all hair types and is excellent even for the most sensitive scalps. It is suited for men, women and kids. It is also pregnancy safe.

 The goodness of grandma’s recipe of 4 different oils (Castor oil,  Coconut oil,  Ginseng oil,  Onion Seed oil), Ghee and herbs comes directly from grandma’s kitchen to you, unhindered and all-natural. This product is an entire universe of natural goodness for hair’s bounty.

Ghee protein has been considered one of the most effective, deep conditioners for hair. It repairs the texture of the hair. With the conditioning from the ghee protein and goodness of the herbs and the precious oils, 21 Tatva is one solution for all hair care needs.

 Three-month long maceration process brings out all the healthy-for-hair nutrients from the herbs to the thoughtfully curated combination of oils. 

Botanical extracts add abundant lustre to the hair, while the exotic Indian herbs bring a calming disposition to your day’s mood. 

The complete 21 Tatva regime includes 21 Tatva oil, Shampoo and Conditioner which boosts hair growth, improves hair texture and makes hair glow.


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Key Ingredients and Benefits


Aloe Vera Juice, Curry Leaf Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Castor Oil, Bhringraj Extract, Coconut Oil, Shikakai Extract, Ginseng Oil,

Amla Extract, Coconut Milk, Hibiscus Extract, Ritha Extract, Ghee Protein, Nagarmotha Extract, Gotu Kola Extract, Kumuda Extract,

Yogurt Extract, Shankhpushpi Extract, Brahmi Extract, Triphala Extract, Onion Seed Oil


Aloe Vera Juice,Shankhpushpi, Bhringraj and Ritha Extract packed with power of three vitamins A, C and E that contribute to healthy

hair growth and shiny hair.

Curry Leaf, Fenugreek and Gotu Kola Extract is rich source of beta-carotene and proteins which reduces hair loss with strengthening the hair follicles.

Castor Oil, Coconut Milk and Ghee Protein composition about ricinoleic acid, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which promotes healthier hair, prevent

split ends and hair breakage.

Amla Extract rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and polyphenols that promote hair growth, reduce dandruff, and prevent greying of hair.

Hibiscus Extract rich in invigorating ingredients like flavonoids and amino acids which enhances blood circulation to hair follicles, stimulating new hair


Kumuda, Shikakai Extract and Ginseng Oil rich in vitamins A, C and E so as tthey thicken the hair along with removing impurities and locks shine.

Yogurt and Nagarmotha extract packed with proteins and vitamin B5 which prevent hair thinning and loss.

Brahmi Extract and Triphala Extract rich in vitamin A, B in the form of saponins which reduces dryness, itchiness , flakiness and making hair healthy

and nourished.

Onion Seed Oil rich source of sulfur which prevents breakage, split ends and thinning of hair.


Q. What are the benefits of using 21 Tatva Hair Oil?

A. - Vedic Valley 21 Tatva hair oil works by strengthening the roots of the hair & improving circulation into the scalp.  Hair oil helps in renourishing & renewing the scalp & hair, resulting in enhanced growth & thickness.

A divine combination of 21 power packed ingredients, this hair oil is the complete ayurvedic solution to treat all your hair problems. Revitalizing, nourishing & light, the elixir penetrates deep into your scalp & addresses the root cause of dandruff to help restore scalp health.

21 Tatva Hair Oil boosts hair growth, transforms hair texture & tames frizz. It also delays premature greying.

Q. How to use 21 Tatva Hair Oil?

A. - 21 Tatva Hair oil can be used as a deep moisturizing treatment  to apply before you take a shower. Apply oil on your scalp & massage with fingertips using a circular motion, pin your hair up & let the steam from the shower open the cuticle and penetrate into the hair or cover with hot towel. Shows best results when washed off with 21 Tatva Shampoo followed by ultra hydrating 21 Tatva Conditioner. “your hair will feel amazing!”

Q. Is the oil lightweight and non-sticky?

A. - Yes. It is a 21 handpicked ayurvedic herbs infused oil.

Q. When should I use the Hair Oil? How long should oil be left on hair?

A. - Hair oiling comes from Ayurveda, which is thought to be the world’s oldest healing science. This ancient ritual involved coating the head in oil & massaging it into the scalp to rejuvenate, moisturize & nourish the hair.

Either you can apply it before taking shower & let it work for 2-3 hrs. Rinse off with shampoo & conditioner or you can apply it at night & sit it for overnight & then rinse it off at morning with shampoo & conditioner.

Q. Which hair type is this suitable for?

A. - 21 Tatva hair oil is signature age old grandma’s oil recipe suitable for all hair types & it is a gender neutral formula which used by both men & women.

Q. Is it free from harmful chemicals?

A. - Yes. 100 % Ayurvedic all natural formula.

Q. Does it actually have 21 Herbs and what are these Herbs?

A. - Yes. Vedic Valley 21 Tatva Hair Oil actually have 21 herbs as name of the product describes.

The tree on the label has names of all the 21 potent herbs.

Q. Does it have a peculiar smell like other Ayurvedic Oils?

A. - No. Vedic Valley 21 Tatva Hair Oil have botanical concoction with ghee protein & yogurt so it smells mild & decent.


Apply onto the scalp and hair
Leave on for 2 hours
Shampoo and rinse