5 Step Detan Manicure Pedicure
(Pack of 6)

Rs. 924

An apple a day keeps the tan away!!! 

A fresh crop of handpicked apples and a dash of sweet honey work with the goodness of Vitamin A to give you a deep de-tan. Push away the dirt and end up with silky, soft skin that glides and glistens everyday. 

De Tan With Guava, Spice & Everything Nice!!! 

When fresh guava meets chilli, the richest source of Vitamin C, you can fade your tan easily. Scrub out the roughness and bring out the brightness like never before. Get refreshed skin that has no tan and all smiles.

Lavender & Chamomile will give you a tan free feel!! 

Let lush lavender and calming chamomile relax our senses and de tan the skin. Soak up some much needed hydration with a soothing deep cleanse. It's finally time to rejuvenate. relax. repeat.