Body Massage Oil

300 ml

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A therapeutic blend sourced from the fields of lavender and sunflower  that  is known to reduces stress & muscle ache. Akta lends a sense of deep calming relaxation. Frequent massage with this oil helps clear skin toxins and its  powerful anti-inflammatory properties heal skin irritation. The antioxidant rich blend protects the skin from free radicals and delays premature aging. This multi-purpose oil can also be used in an aromatic bath, or even in a diffuser. A few drops of this magic potion on the pillow will also help you sleep better. Used as a regime along with the stress relieving massage candle, further enhances results, making the skin youthful and radiant. When used as a regime along with anti-cellulite candle, further enhances results.


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Let the wave of calmness and relaxation travel to your mind with a specially curated meditation track. Scan the QR on the back of the pack to get started.

Key Ingredients and Benefits


Lavender Essential Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Camphor Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil


Lavender Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin. Also protect from sun damage.

Juniper Berry Oil has anti-cellulite, toning & firming properties which help to reduce excess cellulite.

Camphor Oil has antibacterial and animicrobial properties that make it useful in skin healing.

Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil and Flaxseed Oil rich in Ricinoleic and Oleic Acid which maintains the softness, suppleness and radiance of the skin.

Jojoba Oil is loaded with Vitamin E, B and Zinc that nourishes the skin.


Q. How often should I use it?

A. - The Vedic Valley Body Massage Oil should be applied as often as needed as part of your daily morning/ evening routine.

You can use Vedic Valley Body Massage oil with Vedic Valley Scrub & Lotion twice a week. Let the oil sit for 15-20 mins & then you can exfoliate the skin with Vedic Valley Scrub. Then apply Vedic Valley Lotion for long lasting hydration.

For soft, supple skin it is ideal to use body oil every day.

Q. Can I use body massage oil for all seasons?

A. - Oiling can be a great way to ensure softer, firmer & dewy looking skin in all seasons, giving it the revenant care it deserves.

Q. Is this body massage oil suitable for all skin types?

A. - Vedic Valley Body Massage Oil Promotes blood circulation in the body which leads to new cell growth.

It helps to open the pores in the skin, enabling skin to breathe.

The skin gets moisturized & nourished by massaging the oil. Thus it is beneficial for all skin types.

Q. Is this body massage oil mild and safe?

A. - Vedic Valley all natural Body Massage Oil is obtained from plant derived actives and essential oils. It contains no harmful chemicals.

It is perfectly safe to nourish the skin, improves blood circulation, treats body pain & relaxed the muscles.

Q. Can I do foot massage with this body massage oil?

A. - Vedic Valley Body Massage Oil can be used on back, feet or wherever you need it the most. This will make the skin soft, loosen up the muscles & relieve stress.

Using Vedic Valley Body Massage Oil is an all around win.

Q. What are the benefits of using this specific Body Massage Oil?

A. - Vedic Valley Body Massage Oil is formulated in such way that a massage session becomes relaxing & rejuvenating. Massage releases accumulated toxins from the body.

This oil massage hydrates the skin, calms the senses, improves sleep & reduces muscle pain. Massage not only heals the body but also the soul.

Body Oil penetrates the skin to improve elasticity, softens & smoothens the skin which reduces the effect of aging. It tones the muscles & nourishes the tissues by increasing circulation.


Gently massage all over the body.