Oud Chandan & Neem Tulsi Body Wash Combo

330, 300 ml

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Oudh Chandan, a rich and long-lasting fragrance with sweet woody notes that induces a relaxed aura.


This unique blend is accentuated with the goodness of precious Indian sandalwood, sourced from the rare  heartwoods of  Mysore and extracts of Agarwood tree. It’s intrinsic therapeutic qualities makes it a superior ingredient for skin purification and nourishment while its anti-inflammatory genes makes it a natural soothing agent for your skin.



Calming aromas from the heart of nature that evoke a sublime and soothing experience.


Soaking a bark of Neem in the bathing bucket is an ancient ritual. Known to be the most powerful healer in nature’s pharmacy, this queen of herbs is full of antioxidants, which deep cleanses and purifies the skin. This power packed duo is a perfect concoction to bid farewell to pollution, germs and dirt. A super food for your skin with age defying properties, that makes your skin look nourished and moisturized.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

Neem Oil, Tulsi Extract, Green Tea Extract, Nano Silver, Camphor Oil

Neem Oil with abundant medicinal properties purifies the skin by removing excess oil and deep cleanses skin pores.

Tulsi Extract contains camphene which works as a natural toner for the skin.

Green Tea Extract is rich in anti-oxidants that help repair skin damage.

Basil Leaf Extract aiding anti- inflammatory properties that soothes and calms the skin.

Nano Silver has anti-microbial property that destroys pathogen of all types.

Camphor Oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it useful in healing infections.


Q. Can I use Body Wash on my face?

A. - No. Body wash is meant for the body only.

Q. I have dry skin. Can I use this Body Wash?

A. - Yes. Vedic Valley Body Wash is suitable for all skin types. The amalgamation of natural ingredients acts as a gentle shield that guards your skin 24x7, and is a wise bet against harsh chemicals that can harm your skin.

Q. Will the body wash dry out my skin?

A. - No. Vedic Valley Body Wash power packed duo is a perfect concoction of skin hydrating actions which bids farewell to pollution, germ and dirt.

A super food for your skin with age defying properties, that makes your skin look nourished and moisturized.

Q. Can I use this Body Wash everyday?

A. - Yes. It contains nourishing ingredients that will moisturize the skin & replenish any lost hydration. It is much gentler in cleansing the skin.

Q. What does pH 6 means?

A. - Normal skin pH is mildly acidic, which is below 7. low pH are at a level closer to skin’s natural pH, they will more effectively work with your skin & help cell turnover gently. They are more likely to keep skin bright & smooth instead of flaky or dry. pH 6 helps to restore the natural pH balance of the skin which is essential for maintaining healthy & beautiful skin.

Q. Is the body wash free from harmful chemicals?

A. - Yes. Vedic Valley Body Wash is natural & vegan formula which is free from toxic & harmful chemicals. It is also a sulphate free product & dermatologically tested.

Q. Can men also use this product?

A. - Vedic Valley Body Wash is gender neutral unisex product that means men & women both can use.

Q. How long will this Body Wash last me?

A. - Vedic Valley Body Wash lasts for a pretty long time. Body wash is known to moisturize better & leave the skin looking plump without drying it. A coin sized amount creates enough lather for an enjoyable bathing experience.

Q. Does this Body Wash lather enough?

A. - A small amount of Vedic Valley Body wash is enough to lather up and cleanse your entire body.

Q. What exactly does an Antimicrobial Body Wash do?

A. - Vedic Valley Antibacterial body wash has natural anti- microbial properties with nano silver & camphor which can be super effective for dirty days at work, persistent body odors, fungal infections, or post-operative care.

This body wash is a great step on the way to maintaining soft, hydrated, clear skin. This lightweight, soothing formula is also free from parabens and is suitable for all skin types.


Just pour, lather & rinse.