What are ‘Biocert’ certifications?

What are ‘Biocert’ certifications?

What are ‘Biocert’ certifications?

When it comes to products that we use in and around our bodies, integrity of the product range is extremely important and certifications help verify that integrity. 

Biocert is one company that conducts professional inspections and provides authentic certifications with complete regards to quality, health and safety, environment and social responsibility.

Biocert Natural certification ensures the products 95% natural products, whereas the Non-GMO certifications mark that all the ingredients used are with their genetic structure not been altered by genetic modification. In addition to that, Biocert Cruelty free verify that the product range is manufactured or developed by methods which do not involve cruelty to animals.

To sum it up, when you pick up a Vedic Valley product, you can be assured all the claims we make are certified authentic.


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